Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Reducing Panel
Manufacturing Time

For Panel Designers

OMRON continuously explores the possibility to simplify and expedite the process of panel manufacturing for you.

Our new value design solutions and Panel Assist Web are designed to allow efficient design work, swift customisation, and reduce the panel manufacturing cycle time.

Reduce Design Work

For Panels

Collaborating with eCAD library and ePlan, panel designers can now utilise component libraries to reduce work significantly from design to manufacturing, as well as library registration.

Optimise layouts and expedite your panel design process with 3D models from electrical control CAD.


Partners for electrical control CAD:


Shorten Lead Time

For Design Process

Our new components are designed to have unified I/O terminal positions, featuring the wiring inputs on the top and wiring outputs at the bottom. Our simple and unified wiring methods effectively shorten the lead time required for panel design and wiring.


Easy to understand terminal positions enable more accurate work


Unified I/O terminal positions allow you to organize the wiring of control panels

Swift Customisation

With Unified Specifications

Unlike previous product models, our new product range is designed to have unified product heights. This allows panel builder designers to easily modify any existing panel system designs, without the need to change the width between wiring ducts.

The wide product range with unified specifications also gives designers a wider selection to customise panels for your customers.

Product heights and depths are unified so that an existing design can easily be customised

Global Standards

At OMRON, we place a strict emphasis on adhering to the global safety requirements of industrial control panels. Our value design components are certified with international standards of CE, UL, and CSA.

This reduces logistics handling time for global shipping and increases overseas market opportunities for panel builder designers.

Value design products are certified for CE, UL, and CSA.

Express Delivery

In 35 Countries

With operations in 35 countries worldwide, express delivery is made possible for local orders*. This reduces the panel manufacturing cycle time and allows timely delivery to customers.

*Express delivery applies only to certain OMRON products that may be delivered within 1 business day, subjected to service and stock availability.

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