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Industrial Automation

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As a global leader in reliable and innovative solutions, OMRON continues to provide innovative control panel solutions that are engineered for next generation requirements.

We are committed to put our valued customers like you at the heart of what we do.

New Value For Control Panel

Our New Value Design Products are designed to downsize control panels, improve control panel life cycle performance, and reduce business costs for panel makers, panel designers, and electrical engineers. The unparalleled benefits are seen in three areas:

Further Evolution
for Panels

For Panel Builders and Management

Discover how OMRON develops innovative design solutions to downsize control panels, while providing future expansion and cost savings for Panel Builders and Management.

Innovation for Panel
Building Process

For Panel Designers

Control panel design and manufacturing process now becomes simpler with our new upcoming Panel Assist Web. Learn how we expedite panel design work, panel assembly, and delivery for you.

Simple & Easy For
Panel Business People

For Electrical Engineers

Having an effective control panel wiring is critical to ensure smooth running manufacturing environment. Learn how wiring methods are simplified for electrical engineers.

Is your team interested in empowering your customers
with our latest panel solutions? We can help.