Smart Robotics Packaging Solution
Control, Efficiency and Innovation That Automates Your Packaging Line Needs

With more than 50 years of experience, Omron offers a complete solution towards automating the packaging line in the most efficient way, through the future of intuitive robotics, and a configurable-modular packing line.

Designed With An Eye On The Future
Innovation That Empowers Scalability For Future Integration, Modifications and Expansion of The Packaging Line

OMRON Smart Robotics Packaging Solution is expandable and scalable, with the ability to expand, interchange and connect more modules.

With a total integration approach, we synergize and automate your entire packaging line, that reduces your investing cost without compensating the inspection quality of your end-product

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Empowering Time Efficiency Through Simulation Control
Vision Guided Pick & Place 3D Simulator That Enables You To Visualize Your Entire Packaging Line Innovation

We discovered a solution towards transforming your packaging line in the most time efficiency way that bring great cost savings in manpower and time like never before.

Through an advanced virtualization wizard in our Sysmac Platform, we enable you to design, build and modify your packaging line before commissioning. This allow us to conduct engineering tests, design modifications without compensating on uptime, productivity and quality.

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A Global Support Network You Can Always Rely On
Get Your Applications Simulated, Tested With World-Class Engineers

Our wide network of machine automation specialist helps you select the right automation architecture and products to meet your requirements. As your project matures, get to make use of our Automation centers to test and catchup with technology trend in motion, robotics, networking, safetly, quality control etc.

At OMRON, we bring you competence, confidence and assurance in product innovation, technical support, product supply in your industrial applications.

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